Couples Contact // Around the World

We have worked with couples around the world, online and in-person. Through movement, touch, speaking and listening from the heart, we deepen the practice of connection and expression. We find ways to experience the love we feel for each other and learn how to come back to that place of respect and acknowledgement in daily life and in times of distress.

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Better together // Portugal

We've never experienced such a strong and beautiful bond between two dogs as with Canela & Tiago. Even though their characters are quite different (Canela likes her peace and quiet, Tiago loves to wander around receiving attention) they are a perfect match! When Tiago gets overwhelmed by other dogs, Canela comes running, fearlessly barking at them. And Tiago pays her back with grooming sessions and his back for Canela to fall asleep on.

This loving dog couple showed us what it means to be a dream team through uniting and making use of the different qualities each of us bring into the world and our relationship with a partner. In their calm and trustworthy way of being they reminded us every day anew that despite of our different likes and dislikes, strengths and challenges, we can choose to accept our individual uniquenesses AND be there for each other.

Tiago Canela Lisbon 2021

Contact Improv Gatherings // Austria

We have organised multi-day dance gatherings in beautiful Austrian castles embedded in incredible landscapes. These dance journeys are a wonderful opportunity to experience the power of community and finding one's unique place that completes the collective.

Contact Improv Gathering in Austria

Movement Workshops // Auroville, India

We have offered several dance and conscious movement workshops in Auroville – a progressive, spiritual living community. DANCING and MOVING with people from all over the world is for us the most impactful way of CONNECTING – connecting with oneself, with other dance partners as well as the surrounding in which we are embedded.

Contact Improv Workshop, Auroville

Young at Heart // Germany

Roxy, an elderly golden retriever, reminded us of the ESSENCE of life that is LOVE. This wise dog loves nothing more than cuddling and spending quality time together. Due to her hip issues we took her on short walks in the beginning, but with regular and playful exercise she became more energised and young spirited. Spending time with Roxy was highly inspiring, she showed us that an old wise soul can enjoy itself fully in "calm moments of awe" (lying on her back with her beloved orange ball and needing nothing else) and at others times can be as playful as a puppy. Roxy lives with a beautiful family in a historic villa surrounded by picturesque gardens and gorgeous ancient trees in which we felt at home in an abundant paradise.

Playing with Roxy

Recharging Retreats in Nature // Around the world

When people show up in their unique way, let go of any "shoulds" and connect with nature, with time and without any expectations magic happens. In our recharging retreats we practice Yoga and go on walkabouts in nature. We ask our personal questions and find answers in the precious little things that make our life blissful and special.

Recharging Retreat Austria

Sitting Lucky // Cottage in Denmark

We were so lucky to spend time with Lucky! We instantly fell in love with this gorgeous, well-behaved teddy-bear of a dog (an Irish wheaten terrier). On our daily hikes we explored the Danish coastline, lakes and countryside. Lucky’s favourite hikes led to the dunes and beaches where he showed us how to play with the waves and afterwards sat patiently with us for our picnic. Lucky taught us how to go along with life and find JOY in EVERYTHING. He also helped us stick to an evening routine of reading bed-time books together. The little wooden cottage embedded in a vast green forest made our stay unforgettable.

Lucky's favourite story

Working with children // Varanasi, North India

We spent 1 month in Premjyoti in rural Varanasi, a beautiful inclusive school intended for children of all abilities aged 3 to 16 years, teaching language skills, yoga and conscious movement as well as computer skills. The classroom sizes were up to 40 and the children very vivid. Yet when it came to our meditation practice, a room full of energetic youngsters became calm – children of all ages sitting silently and reflecting inwards.

The children's aliveness, curiosity and willingness to try out new things, as well as their openness to talk about their daily lives, their challenges and wishes for their future, touched us deeply. What they enjoyed the most was singing, playing games, moving and creating power-point presentations! Working and spending time with them was a precious reminder for us to PLAY with life and to remain CURIOUS about "the unknown", and to keep on EXPLORING.

Premjyoti School

Mini-Farm // Bavaria, Germany

We house sat a hobby farm (none of the animals are eaten or used as produce) at a beautiful 300-year-old farmhouse. Here we took care of a cute pig that loves being rubbed, 4 ducks who roam the back garden and pond, 10 chickens who graze the front garden, 2 rabbits and a guinea pig, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bearded dragon named Juan. Every animal needed feeding once or twice a day so we were kept quite busy but received more ENERGY each day from SHARING in the animals’ JOY for receiving food, cuddles and especially our undivided ATTENTION.


Dancing with Wolves // Portugal

Zorba and Leia, German shepherds originally from South Africa and now in Portugal, adopted us into their wolf pack. They were big dogs with loud barks, but when it came to cuddling they generously offered us protection and shelter lying down next to us with their big furry bodies, every so often putting a paw on our lap, saying "it's ok, you are safe here". We got to experience that wildness, playfulness and tenderness can go hand in hand. They taught us about communicating and protecting our own boundaries in order to feel safe and at home in ourselves.

Dancing with Wolves

The magic of a TRIO // Portugal

This gang of three dogs was just wonderful to be around, with the elderly lady Hortense relaxing much of the day and yet on every walk immidiately there to support (and also stay there if needed) whenever she sensed that somebody of the tribe was behind and could get lost. Valentino being the gentle giant, teaching his younger puppy friend Zorro, by only leading by example (no barking, no fight), how to stay calm and relaxed, especially at feeding times. And Zorro lightening life up by bringing a young dynamic and explorative spirit to the gang.



A picture is worth a thousand words – below is a selection of our special memories.



We offer one-day and multi-day workshops (online and in person) for groups, couples and individuals, as well as teach at festivals and events.

We will be facilitating workshops in Austria from July to September 2023.
If you would like to discuss organising an event with us then get in touch at [email protected]


We are currently available from October 2023!
If you would like us to house (and pet) sit for you then get in touch at [email protected]

We both grew up with pets – dogs, cats, rabbits, birds, fish – and have also spent time WWOOFing on farms around Europe. We enjoy garden work, walking dogs, cuddling cats and caring for homes. Cleanliness and tidiness are important for us, as is healthy food.


Lorraine & Stan, Panama

Ben and Katrin are very caring sitters. My cats warmed up to them quickly. Katrin and Ben took care of the house and dealt with several issues, like a water leak and faulty pool pump. They are talented, intelligent, respectful, amiable and healthy. Make a lovely couple. They speak several languages.

We found the kitties as loving as when we left them. The house was clean and less cluttered.

We hope they will sit again for us in the near future. Highly recommend them as house, pet sitters.

Leighsha & J.D., Costa Rica

There are so many great things that we could say about Ben and Katrin, but my fingers would get really tired typing that much. So, I will hit the high points. They were so thoughtful in the way the communicated with us about everything... the kittos, house, etc. We received pictures and videos regularly. The care and attention they showed our fur kids was stellar. They even managed by some act of a miracle got our special needs kitty, Sami to allow cuddles and affection, which is something we have been "working on" for over 2 yrs. There were a few small things around the house that needed attention like a leaking washing machine hose and Ben was quick to jump in and take charge. They communicated with us to organize a temporary repair until I arrived. Katrin was so loving and kind about allowing Ponchy and Clyde to be a part of her meditation and yoga routine, not that they gave her a choice.

We hope to someday have the privilege to have them come back and sit for us again. XOXO

Ennis, Mexico

Well what can I say about Ben & Katrin, they were my heroes, a last minute trip enabled with the graceful and timely offer from Ben & Katrin.

They made sure I had pleat of time to introduce my boys, with time to relax. My two boys instantly warmed to both Katrin & Ben and I felt assured. Ben and Karin have a wonderful demeanor and very respectful of my home. I got daily updates on my boys which is always lovely and reassuring.

For those seeking a couple with pet focus and chilled out vibes, and a no complaints, for any grafting kind of attitude, then Ben & Karin are the house sitters you’ve been looking for!

I cannot thank both of you enough. Big hugs from me and lots of licks from the boys!

Alex & Lisa, Mexico

Ben and Katrin were wonderful. Our animals were well cared for. They arrived when they said they would. They were always responsive to our inquiries while we were gone. We were very relaxed after meeting them and our trip was comfortable. We definitely recommend them and would have them back anytime.

Barbara, Austria

Ben and Katrin are the best sitters you can get. The house was more clean and orderly as we left it. The cats were relaxed and in a good condition.

They have also taken good care about the plants in the garden.

And this couple is very friendly, open hearted and uncomplicated. Everyone will be glad to have Ben and Katrin as their housesitters. Everything was perfect and we hope to see them again next year.

Evelyne, Mexico

I could not recommend Ben and Katrin more! Both were such delightful people that I invited them to stay a week longer. My 2 dogs were in love with them, they continued to spend play time with them and walk them while I was re-entering my life after a 2 weeks vacation. The house was impeccable and the gardens very happy as well. I highly recommend Katrin and Ben and I hope to have them sit again soon!

Silke, Germany

Ben and Katrin are the most kind-hearted couple you could hope to meet and look after your animals. They looked after our 13-year-old Golden Retriever while we were away on vacation for two weeks and we were greeted by a very happy dog on our return. They are 100% reliable and will leave your place in tip top shape. We also appreciated the frequent updates and photos of Roxy.

Thank you, Ben and Katrin, you’re the best! We hope you will come back again next year!

Barbara, Portugal

Fantastic experience - Ben and Katrin were perfect house sitters! Our dogs, Tiago and Canela adored them and I think Ben and Katrin fell in love with them too! They got lots of lovely walks and explored green areas they had never been to before. They were fit and healthy and happy when we came back - we couldn't wish for more! Your dogs are in for a treat if they get looked after by Ben and Katrin! Can't recommend them highly enough!

David, Denmark

We cannot say enough good things about Katrin and Ben and the care they took of Lucky and our homes in Denmark during our two week adventure in Croatia. We returned to a happy, healthy dog …a (needed) kilo or two lighter for all the good exercise he received. We also travelled for the first time since having Lucky without a guilty conscience regarding his welfare. That was an incredible gift to our family that seems difficult to repay. Indeed the quality of care and genuine love they provided cannot be bought at any price.

Our home was also returned in an immaculate condition frankly better than we had delivered it. They are a lovely, communicative and throughly responsible team and I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone for any task.

Jens, Austria

Katrin and Ben stayed in our apartment for an abundant week while we were with our family in Germany. We could not have imagined better house sitters. It was so nice to see how Max, our beloved dog, took them to his heart from the first minute.

We got along wonderfully with Katrin and Ben from the beginning, they are really absolutely trustworthy, friendly and lovable.

While we were away, we communicated via WhatsApp and received messages and photos from Max.

When we came home we found a spotless apartment and a happy and relaxed Max.

Katrin and Ben were the perfect house sitters and we can highly recommend them. A big thank you to you both, feel hugged from us and we hope to see you again in the future.

Meg, Portugal

We cannot recommend Ben and Katrin highly enough. The dogs loved them right at the outset, thanks to their quiet and calm approach. My husband and I both felt very at ease leaving the dogs for a whole month - the longest we've ever left them. We were sent regular photos and updates of their escapades! Neither of the dogs had ever been for such long, and interesting, walks.

And Ben and Katrin were able to cure Blossom of car sickness, which is a godsend for us, as we have been trying over the years, to no avail. They enjoyed longs walks in the countryside, as well as on the beach. We came home to two very happy dogs and a spotlessly clean house. We look forward to them being able to sit for us again in the future.

Katy and Kris, Austria

Katrin and Ben are two lovely people. They took care of our 2 chickens and our senior cat Oskar, who can be a bit picky as it comes to trusting new friends :)

The first pictures we've received showed us a very happy cat, sitting on Katrin's lap enjoying lots of pats and caresses.

Already at that point, we were very sure that he was not short of anything.

When we came back home, we found our house super neat and clean... couldn't be better!

We definitely recommend Katrin and Ben as house and petsitters and hope they can look after our house and residents again in the future.

All the best Katrin and Ben, greets from our two chickens and a big hug and kisses from Oskar xxx

Nicole, Austria

Bighearted thanks to Kathi and Ben. With their caring and loving presence they took wonderful care of my cats.

I didn`t worry for a moment. The photos showed me, how comfortable my cats felt. Also the flowers and vegetables in my gardenwere well take care of!

Coming home to a clean house was very pleasant.

Thank you so much!

C U next time!

Susanne & Nicole

Gil & Jacqueline, Portugal

Ben and Katrin are such a lovely calm couple. Right from the start it was obvious that the dogs took to them? With Valentino attaching himself to Ben! The couple are very reliable, excellent communicators and great pet and house sitters.

We returned to a very tidy house and happy dogs.

Huge thanks both. We certainly hope to see you both again.

Pamela, Portugal

I highly recommend Ben and Katrin. They looked after two energetic, excitable German Shepherds while I was away. It was an arrangement of trust that was amply rewarded because I never actually met them. They arrived and left, contacting a friend for the keys but they couldn't have been better.

During their stay they interacted with me and sent me photos. The dogs had an amazing time and adventures. Zorba especially misses them. The house was left tidy and clean. I really can't praise them highly enough. We also had Zoom call and careful interaction prior to the sit so I felt very comfortable.

German Shepherds can be quite a handful but I would say that Ben and Katrin are the ideal sitters for them.

Silke & Rolf, Germany

Katrin and Ben were wonderful. They took care of all our pets (dogs, cats, pig, bunnies, ducks, chickens) and of our house for two weeks. They were absolutely reliable. They sent us photos on a regular basis so that we could fully enjoy our trip abroad. When we returned, the house was tidier than when we had left and all our pets were healthy and happy. I think our dog still misses Ben!